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Concussion Treatment in Upper Marlboro, MD

Concussion Treatment in Upper Marlboro, MD

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that causes the brain to move rapidly inside the skull. This injury to the brain leads to concussion symptoms that can last for days, weeks, or even months.

At Physical and Sports Rehab, we provide comprehensive concussion treatment to help patients in Upper Marlboro, MD, recover from a concussion. 

Our Concussion Therapy Upper Marlboro, MD, takes an individualized approach to assess each patient's symptoms, create a tailored treatment plan, and track their progress. 

We utilize the latest research and techniques to speed healing and reduce the risk of long-term problems.

Thorough Concussion Assessment

The first step in our concussion treatment is performing a detailed evaluation. We conduct testing to check things like:

  • Balance and coordination
  • Vision tracking
  • Concentration and memory
  • Reaction times
  • Sleep patterns

This concussion assessment helps us pinpoint which areas of the brain have been impacted. We can then target treatment to those specific deficits. Our concussion specialists use a combination of methods, including:

Computerized Neurocognitive Tests

We use advanced computerized tests that measure things like memory, reaction time, and thinking ability. This helps detect more subtle cognitive changes that cannot be found through standard paper and pencil tests.

Sensory Organization Testing

We perform sensory organization testing using specialized equipment. This comprehensively evaluates balance and the vestibular system. It helps identify the root causes of dizziness and instability after a concussion.

Customized Concussion Therapy Programs

No two concussions are exactly alike, so we create customized concussion therapy programs tailored to match each patient's unique symptoms and deficits found during the assessment. Our customized Concussion Treatment Upper Marlboro, MD, includes the following:

Vestibular Therapy

Many concussion patients experience dizziness, vertigo, and balance problems. Our vestibular therapy uses customized exercises and techniques to treat these issues. We may incorporate equipment like metronomes and vision-tracking tools. 

The goal is to retrain the brain and get the inner ear, eyes, and body working together properly again.

Physical Therapy

We design personalized exercise programs to help relieve concussion headaches, restore range of motion, address neck pain, and rebuild physical strength and stamina. 

Physical therapy helps the brain heal and reestablish proper connectivity through increased blood flow and metabolic changes. We focus on achieving incremental gains while avoiding over-exertion.

Oculomotor Training

Eye-tracking problems are common after a concussion. We provide exercises to improve oculomotor skills like eye movement control, eye-hand coordination, convergence, and depth perception. This facilitates a quicker recovery.

Cognitive Therapy

For cognitive problems like poor memory, concentration issues, and slowed processing speed, we teach compensatory strategies and adjustments to help patients recover brain function. Cognitive therapy equips patients with the tools to succeed in day-to-day life.

Other Services

We also offer manual therapy, massage, and other services as appropriate based on each patient's concussion assessment results. The goal is to target all their unique deficits with customized therapy.

Safe Return to Daily Life

A vital component of our concussion recovery programs is gradually and safely returning patients to normal life activities. This involves creating customized return-to-activity protocols tailored to each patient's needs, like going back to work or school and sports.

We start with rest, both physical and cognitive, to allow the brain time to begin healing. We then slowly reintroduce activities in a step-wise fashion, continually monitoring for symptom changes. 

This controlled, progressive return prevents re-injury and allows the brain to rebuild its tolerance at a safe pace.

Why Choose Physical and Sports Rehab for Concussion Therapy?

When it comes to recovering from a concussion, having concussion specialists guide your care is crucial. At Physical and Sports Rehab, all of our physiotherapists have advanced certification in concussion evaluation and treatment. 

We stay current on the latest research and clinical practices for optimizing concussion rehab. Our comprehensive concussion program provides significant benefits for patients, including:

Thorough Concussion Assessment

We perform a detailed concussion assessment utilizing a combination of advanced testing methods. This includes:

  • Computerized neurocognitive tests precisely measure things like memory, concentration, reaction times, and processing speed. This allows us to detect more subtle cognitive deficits that standard paper and pencil tests may miss.
  • Sensory organization testing using specialized equipment that comprehensively evaluates balance and the vestibular system. This identifies the root causes of dizziness and instability.
  • Assessments of oculomotor function, vision, cervical spine mobility, posture, headaches, fatigue, and more to build a complete picture.

This multimodal assessment approach allows us to thoroughly evaluate all aspects of brain function impacted by the concussion. We can then pinpoint specific areas needing rehabilitation.

Customized Treatment Programs

We create individualized concussion therapy programs tailored to each patient’s unique combination of deficits and symptoms identified during our assessments. 

This personalization helps optimize and accelerate your recovery. Treatment modalities are carefully selected to target your particular issues.

Advanced Concussion Expertise

Our therapists complete continuing concussion education annually, staying up-to-date on the latest evidence-based treatment techniques. 

We incorporate proven therapies like vestibular rehab, light and sound sensitivity desensitization, oculomotor training, and more into customized programs. Our expertise in concussion rehab means we use the most effective treatments backed by current research.

Controlled Return to Daily Life

We help clients gradually and safely return to normal activities like work, school, and sports through controlled, progressive protocols. 

This involves carefully monitoring symptoms and making incremental increases in physical and cognitive exertion tailored to your unique recovery pace. Our goal is to make your return to life after concussion as quick and smooth as possible while avoiding setbacks.

Ongoing Patient Education

We provide continuous counseling and education to clients and families throughout the recovery process. 

This includes teaching coping strategies for symptoms, setting expectations, and ensuring you thoroughly understand each phase of rehab. Knowledge helps patients better manage their concussion recovery for optimal results.

Convenient Location

We offer concussion therapy conveniently located in Upper Marlboro, MD. Our office provides a specialized environment for concussion rehab. You do not need to travel far to get the high-quality treatment you need.

At Physical and Sports Rehab, we are committed to guiding patients through concussion recovery using the most advanced, evidence-based techniques. 

Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive assessment so we can partner with you on your road to healing after a concussion.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

When you come to Physical and Sports Rehab for your initial concussion evaluation and treatment, here is what you can expect:

Thorough Discussion of Symptoms and History

We will have an in-depth discussion and interview about your concussion symptoms, how the injury occurred, your medical history, and any factors that may impact your rehabilitation. Understanding the unique details of your concussion helps guide treatment.

Comprehensive Physical Examination

A physiotherapist will perform a series of balance assessments, coordination tests, exercises, and other techniques to evaluate issues like cervical mobility, headache triggers, oculomotor function, vision changes, vertigo, and balance. This identifies physical impairments related to the Maryland Concussion Treatment.

Computerized Neurocognitive Testing

You will take advanced computer-based tests and activities that objectively evaluate reaction time, processing speed, memory, concentration, attention, thinking skills, and other cognitive functions impacted by your concussion. This helps identify subtle deficits.

Customized Treatment Plan

Based on the thorough examination and test findings, we will collaborate with you to develop an individualized concussion treatment plan. 

This outlines the specific therapies, modalities, exercises, accommodations, and schedules tailored to target your deficits for optimal recovery.

Concussion Education and Counseling

We provide education and counseling to help you understand your condition, learn strategies to cope with symptoms, know what to expect from treatment, answer any questions, and empower you to participate in your recovery.

The initial appointment lays the groundwork for concussion recovery by objectively identifying issues and creating a personalized treatment approach. Our goal is to make you an informed, active participant in your rehabilitation.

FAQs About Concussion Treatment

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about concussions and Concussion Management Upper Marlboro, MD:

Can Physical Therapy Help a Concussion?

Yes, physical therapy is an essential part of concussion treatment and recovery. Through exercises, manual techniques, and specialized equipment, physiotherapists can address many post-concussion symptoms. This helps facilitate neuroplasticity so the brain can heal and rebuild proper connectivity.

When Should You Start Physical Therapy After a Concussion?

Most experts recommend beginning physical therapy 1-2 weeks after the initial concussion once acute symptoms like headaches and sensitivity to light/noise have subsided. Starting too soon can worsen symptoms. But beginning therapy quickly can help speed recovery.

What are the 3 R’s of Concussion Management?

The 3 R’s of concussion management are:

  • Rest - Both cognitive and physical rest are needed initially to allow the brain time to start healing. This means limiting activities that exacerbate symptoms.
  • Restriction - Doctors often restrict activities like sports, driving, and school that could re-injure the brain during recovery.
  • Gradual Return - Slowly and progressively returning to normal activities under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Should You Go to Physical Therapy After a Concussion?

Yes, physical therapy can play a vital role in concussion recovery. Physiotherapists help address issues like headaches, dizziness, cognition, and vision problems through customized exercises, education, and manual techniques. Concussion physical therapy facilitates neuroplasticity to reduce long-term symptoms. It is an important rehabilitation tool.

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